Advanced Technology

We believe in technology as a tool to produce results for our clients:

  • Faster, more efficient work.
  • Better planning and implementation from the onset.
  • A more streamlined approach to maintaining your vision every step of the way.
  • Easier collaboration between your team and ours.

Parametric Modeling: The Next Evolution

Parametric modeling is the next step in the evolution of design and documentation. Where drawings have traditionally been done in a 2D format, the basis of parametric modeling is the use of a 3D platform. Within that platform there are many levels of information to be selected from and used on any given project from basic material take-offs to facility systems management.

We utilize this technology in three distinct ways:

Emphasis is given early on in projects where major decisions are made, allowing the entire team to more clearly understand the decisions being made. From special organization to fine-tuned details, owner and contractors are able to view and understand the design intent and outcome with more clarify than ever before.

This technology clearly identifies all components of a project and how they interact with other components. It allows the design team to assemble a set of drawings with a clearer understanding of what will be the built condition through the use of clash detection. For example, this allows us to see where a mechanical duct possibly comes into conflict with the structure or some other component of the building. The result is cost savings to the owner in the reduction of rework in the field.

The evolution of parametric modeling allows us to share information such as material take-offs that assist the contractor in estimating projects. The value comes in the confidence that when something is revised in a design, that change is reflected in all areas of the construction documents. As the technology is expanded systems will be evaluated in real time to make facility management a more efficient and less expensive process.

3D PDFs: Easy Viewability For You

Parametric modeling is a powerful tool that takes years of experience to master. In order to communicate more clearly with clients and contractors without introducing those added complexities, we have invested in tools that allow us to convert working files into 3D PDF’s, allowing anyone to view their project from all vantage points whether it’s to get a better understanding of how spaces interact together or how the facades of a building look. This technology also allows us to extract details from a project to more clearly illustrate the design intent with contractors during construction. A basic PDF reader is the only software needed.

Photo Realistic Rendering and Animations

Whether beginning a capital campaign, presenting to potential project investors or investing in community buy-in, nothing works more effectively than seeing what a project could look like. It can be a concept or completed design. In either case, a photo-realistic rendering of the project will drive home ideas and generate excitement around any project. Often times, renderings and actual buildings cannot be differentiated. Taking that experience to the next level we are able to build animations around and through projects, giving a real time perspective of what a project is going to look and feel like.

High Definition Laser Scanning: Fast and Precise Field Measurements

Renovations and additions require the design team to work with existing documentation and more importantly to field verify all existing conditions. This is a time consuming and costly process that we are able to condense in high definition laser scanning with the collaboration from our partners. All aspects of a building or site can be scanned to precision, allowing the design team to make more informed and accurate decisions. Scanning is completed within hours versus days and weeks it used to take to field measure conditions.

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