Four Winds Field: South Bend, IN


With a growing need for mid to high-end residential living units and retail diversity in downtown South Bend, Epoch was charged with assembling a mixed use development concept that would include the parameters:

Key aspects of the design while maximizing the footprint was to design with flexibility in mind and the possible introduction of modular construction.



Placed on a large open area surrounding Four Winds Field, our team took advantage of not only the suggested immediate site but looked at the entire property in an effort to maximize the development potential of this project and those soon to follow.  To do so, Epoch involved key decision makers with the City of South Bend and the South Bend Cubs to insure as many aspects of the project were addressed at the earliest stages.  The project concept was vastly improved by the inclusion of input gained from these additional sources and conversations.

Looking at the concept of modularity and time, the Epoch team invested the time and financial resources necessary to introduce a completely modular construction system.  By doing so, construction duration was reduced by months and overall costs were projected to be several thousand dollars less than if built traditionally.  All aspects of the design, including mechanical systems and structural systems, were taken into consideration.  The result was a building that could be largely constructed off-site in a climate controlled environment and erected in eleven days while being of a higher quality than its traditionally constructed counterpart.

While pursuing an aggressive approach, our team was prepared to deliver results never before seen in the region.  Epoch, along with its partners, sought to challenge traditional design and building methods with a new model that maximizes uniformity and aesthetic variation.

In an effort to illustrate the simplicity of the design Epoch provided two design concepts; the first being a more traditional approach to façade treatment and the second being an ultra-modern concept having the potential to serve as a new urban incubator.  The key to the success of these was not the aesthetic achievement as much as the shell of the building was identical in each, providing evidence that the concept provided by our team was efficient and economical across all potential site opportunities, urban to rural.

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